November is a stressful time for creators, a lot of them work extra hard to produce content for the winter holiday so they can spend more time with their family and friends. Not only that, December 1st will be the last payday before the winter holiday for a lot of creators. The Season of Giving aims to give back to our creators, to give them more money to spend on what matters to them. This is why Sponsus will not charge its usual service fee of 7% + 30 and instead charge 3% + 30 cents (This is the payment processor charge: Stripe).

This event lasts until the 1st of December when the month rolls over and we charge sponsorships. If you create an account during this time and get sponsorships or donations, you will be included in this event!

Sponsus will not earn anything during this event so if you like our service, please consider sponsoring or donating to our Sponsus!